Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ipsy May Glam Bag | Jetsetter

Hey guys! It's time for my May Ipsy Glam Bag review! This month's theme was called Jetsetter, the concept obviously being designed for those with a love for traveling. There were three possible makeup bag options for this month's theme, this being the one that I got. The other ones said "Contents: My Life," "VIP: Very Important Products." The bag itself is burlap with the words screen-printed on. From what I've read, many people like these bags a lot. I, however, am not really a fan. This is not a bag that I would ever actually use.
These are the contents of my bag!
The first item I received was a travel-sized IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. I had never used a CC cream before so I was pretty excited to try it out. It came in the shade Medium, which is actually kind of orange, but blended decently. I used it under my eyes and on a couple of spots and it worked decently. I don't think that it was the right shade for me, but overall I was pretty happy with the product and will end up using up this sample.
Full Size: $29
The next item I received was a travel-sized Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray. This spray consists of rosehip, argan and coconut oil and smells wonderful. It is a milky-white colored liquid that makes your hair smell great. I honestly did not really notice my hair being any smoother or less frizzy than normal but the smell alone is enough to keep me using this sample!
Full Size: $20
The next item I got was a pair of Eylure Naturals No. 020 Strip Lashes. I do not wear false eyelashes so I was kind of bummed to get these in my bag. The fact that the lashes have these odd, varying lengths immediately put me off, but I put them on and they look much better when they are actually on your eyes. It was nice to have a small container of glue included, and these lashes are re-wearable. However, I still don't think I will really use these.
Full Size: ~$3.33
Next in my bag was a Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust sample in the color Brown Sugar. This is another item that I was pretty bummed to receive. In the previous bag I got a copper eyeshadow shade that I was decently happy with, but I found this one to be very orange and a color that did not compliment my blue/green eyes at all. The powder itself is very pigmented and I would probably like it had I received a shade better suited for my eyes. Due to it's color, this is another sample I probably won't end up using.
Full Size: $4.99
The final item I received this month was a full-sized Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint in the shade Narcissist. I was a little bummed to get another lip gloss this month, but I actually ended up loving this shade. However, I learned very quickly how-not to apply it. With this gloss, a very small bit goes a long way. If you put more than a tiny bit on, it will take a while to dry and will get all over your teeth (yeah, that happened). I actually wipe the applicator on the sides of the tube first, then use a tissue to remove extra. The tint is very strong, so be sure that you don't somehow get it onto your face. This is a sample that I will definitely continue to wear!
Full Size: $19

Unfortunately, I was not quite as happy with this month's bag as I was with the previous one, but for only $10 a month, how can I really go wrong? The great thing about Ipsy is that you can retake your style quiz as many times as you want to try and get different products!

Item Satisfaction Rating: 3/5
Bag Rating: 1/5
Overall Full-Size Value: $76.32

Once again, if you are at all interested in signing up for Ipsy, feel free to ask me any questions and please use my referral link! If you are already an Ipsy subscriber, what did you get this month? 


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