Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hey Remember Me?

Hey guys! It's literally been forever since I've posted and I'm sorry about that! I feel like I've been super busy and haven't been feeling very motivated to blog. However, I thought I would give a little update on what's been going on in my life, for anyone who may be interested!

1) It's been two weeks since I lost my Grandmother. She was a super important part of my life and adjusting to her absence has been hard. I'm not one who easily adapts to changes so it is definitely a process.
My best friends and I.
2) On the 7th, we had a semi-formal dance at school. The music was pretty awful but I loved spending time with my friends. Taking pictures is always the best part.

3) I per-ordered Keegan Allen's quite a while ago and it came a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had the chance to read it yet but I am really excited to read his stories and see his photography. I will be posing a Book Banter about it as soon I've read it!

4) It's my birthday week but, unfortunately, I have the day off and all of my friends have class all day. I think I'm going to spend it with my baby cousins though so I can't complain too much. Plus, I think my friends are going to take me out that night. I can't believe I'm going to be 22, that is too bizarre.

5) I'm sure everyone knows that yesterday was Valentine's Day. Trav and I didn't do anything special. Honestly, this was our 7th Valentine's Day together so we would rather just spend time together than buy gifts or anything. We don't feel like we need Valentine's Day to express how we feel about each other.

What have you guys been up to? Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments below! I'll be seeing you guys very soon, promise!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Banter | What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? - The Buried Life

Hi guys! So I've decided to start a new section of my blog called Book Banter. I'm pretty busy so I don't have too much spare time for leisure reading, but when I do I want to write some book reviews. So first on my list: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? by The Buried Life.
So here is a little background information. For those of you who have never heard of them, The Buried Life consists of four guys who have made it their life's mission to complete a bucket list consisting of 100 items that they have all agreed upon. The members include brothers Jonnie and Duncan Penn, Dave Lingwood and Ben Nemtin. Originally from Canada, the boys have been traveling all over the country, crossing items off of their list. The catch is, for each item they accomplish on their list, they help a stranger complete something on their bucket list! Great concept, right?
This book came out in 2012 and has since been a New York Times Best Seller! I got this book when it first came out and, lucky me, I got a signed edition! If any of you have heard of Post Secret, this book has a pretty similar format. Parts of the book are stories from the boys that contain pieces of their pasts and how they have gotten to where they are. There are also stories from people that they have met and helped along the way. However, a large majority of the book is fan submissions about things that they would like to do before they die. This, along with the matching artwork created by artists, are so interesting to read. I really like this style of book and would love if they would release another one!
If this sounds like the type of book you are into, I would highly recommend it! You can click HERE for ordering option! If you do read it, please let me know what you think! Also, they had a show on MTV for a little while so you can also look that up if you'd like to learn more!
What are some of the items on your bucket list? Do you have any book recommendations? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Forever 21 Wishlist | Spring Trends Edition

Hey guys! So Forever 21 recently released their Spring Trends Look Book and they have so many great pieces! I went through the collection and picked out my favorite items. I would love to have any of these in my closet.
I think the design on the back of this dress is just so beautiful! The front is simple enough that it could be worn for any occasion with a cardigan for more formal or with some cute heels for a night out!

This beautiful dress comes in the beautiful burgundy above (which I love!) as well as a dark grey and black. This is a cute dress that could definitely be worn anywhere. It's such a simple design, but super cute!

This dress is super simple but I think it's cute! It also comes in black!

 1. Asymmetrical Split-Top Front - $17.90 USD
This top is just so cute! This would be a cute summer top with a cardigan or for professional wear. I love the design.
2. Colorblocked Chiffon Top - $17.90 USD
I think the colors of this top go so well together. It's a simple top but I really like it.
 3. Cutout-Black Pleated Top - $19.90 USD
Once again, a simple top but the small details are really cute. I think this would be flattering on a lot of different body types.
 4. Floral Lace Crop Top - $27.90 USD
I think this is my favorite of the bunch. I have always had a thing for floral patterns but I think the grey and white together is really elegant. I just love this top!
 5. Floral Print Crop Top - $14.90 USD
This top is similar to the last one but once again, I've got a thing for floral's.
 6. Flutter Sleeve Blouse - $10.90 USD
I think this top is so cute and comes in the three colors above (mint, yellow and lavender) as well as peach. The pastels are all so nice.
7. Layered Boxy V-Neck Tank - $17.90 USD
I think this shirt is a little more edgy, but elegant at the same time. I love both of these colors, as well as the lavender/black blouse.

I have always loved the idea of varsity jackets but have always found them to be a bit too bulky. However, this one looks comfortable and casual.

Have you guys looked through Forever 21's Spring Trends? What are your favorite items?


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Greif | Checking In

Hi guys. Sorry for my lack of posting but I haven't been feeling super creative lately. On Friday, January 30th, I lost my grandmother. I have never lost someone before so I am feeling really unsure of all the emotions running through me. I'm finding myself needing a little break from everything at the moment so I am not sure when I will be posting next. Thank you for understanding and I will be back as soon as I am feeling ready.

If you have any suggestions on things that have helped with your recovery in the past, I would love to hear them.